What’s New for the New Year

Happy 2018!!! I know, I know, I’m like a month late, but it was strategically done I promise!

So what have I been up to for the past 2 months and what’s happening next you may ask. I’ll start with saying that after the trip to Haiti A LOT has happened. I would love to hear from my readers on what content, stories and places you’d like to see in the Americas.

What’s New with Brit

Outside of the holidays which can be draining within itself, I’ve been planning a wedding. Dimy and I are doing an eco-friendly, rustic, african style, low-budget wedding. As we are doing a ceremony in the U.S. and in Haiti for Dimy’s family it’s double the stress. However, as our $5,000 budget hasn’t been exceeded I hope to share with other people who are looking on ways to host a low cost wedding. In regards to travel, we’ve got a lot of travel within the U.S. coming up in April (road trippin from Cali to Georgia). We’re also going to Miami, New York, D.C., Haiti, Canada, and somewhere in the Americas for our Honeymoon!

New Branding for Travel Bliss Brit

I reflected after my trip to Haiti and realized that I haven’t actually created a model that is consistent and clear for my readers to keep up with. So I took some time to think about new branding and how I wanted to structure my content. I realized that as a person with film and journalism background that it makes no sense for me to majority talk at you about travel related things. It would be more fun for me (and hopefully you too) to create quick short videos (no longer than 2 minutes) to go along with my blogs.

Video Content

I want to continue to share my experiences traveling, travel tips, and beautiful places. I also want to start to tell stories about interesting people or things happening in the places I travel to. I’ve up’ed my camera gear to include a gopro, and a drone so I’m excited to soon share more with you all.


What I hope to commit to is 2 videos per week. Hopefully as time goes on I can find even more stories to cover and increase how many I share per week. Ultimately, I want to create short content videos to help share stories of cool people and places around the world.

I’d Love Your Input!

So with all this there are 2 things I’m looking for: Interesting people and places, and a honeymoon destination. If you have some ideas or suggestions please leave them in the comments! Maybe a special gift to the person who picks our Honeymoon Destination 😉

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