Preparing for Another Trip to Haiti 🇭🇹

I’m preparing for my 6th trip back to Haiti this month. As I’ve been packing for the journey, I stopped to realize that I haven’t wrote about any of my wonderful times in Haiti. The beautiful island is often reduced to a less desirable vacation location, however I beg to differ. Haiti has so much more to offer and people should really give it a chance.

On my upcoming trip I’ll be in country for 10 days with my fiancé Dimy. We plan to road trip up from Port-au-Prince and then down south before flying out of PAP at the end of the journey.

Within that time frame the goal is to:

1. Go to my fiancé’s visa interview in Port-Au-Prince

2. Road trip to Cap-Haitien for 4 days

3. Road trip to Jacmel for 3 days

4. Fly out to Atlanta just in time for the holiday.

How We’re Getting There

The fun part about this all is the planning! I’m currently connecting with folks who are well versed in Haiti Tourism to ensure I have a good source of information to write from. I’ve rented a SUV/jeep for the bumpy terrain we’ll encounter moving through the country. I booked some local hotels and home stays for all the locations, and our tour guides are in the works. Flying from PAP to CAP is an option and only takes 30 minutes. But for this trip we wanted to see all the beautiful landscapes from the ground.

La Citadelle

Upon arrival in CAP, we plan on seeing La Citadelle which is a UNESCO historical park site. Citadelle is considered the largest fortress in the Caribbean and is a marker of the free world!

Sans Souci

We also want to see Sans Souci while in CAP. It was the palace of the self-proclaimed king, Henri Christophe, after Haiti won it’s independence. It was affected by an earthquake in 1842, but “It gives an idea of the Haiti that ‘almost was’…”

Bassin Bleu

Lastly, we will visit Jacmel and see the famous Bassin Bleu! A beautiful location about 12 km from Jacmel. There’s a hike trail that leads to the different swimming holes and waterfall.

My hope is to share an easy and direct way for YOU to experience the beauty Haiti has to offer. I hope the follow up post after my return will inspire you to see Haiti in a different light. I also hope it will inspire you to be curious enough to consider exploring Haiti when planning your next trip to the Caribbean.



  1. Diam
    November 5, 2017

    First of all, the water is BEAUTIFUL!!! Secondly, I love your logo! Did you make it yourself?

    As a black travel blogger, it’s always nice to see other black travelistas!


    1. Brittany Chenelle
      November 5, 2017

      Yes! I love that beach i’ve been a few times since that area of Haiti is the one I visit the most. I’m sure you’ll love all the other photos I’ll have after this trip also. I’m happy you like my logo! I did make it myself and it wasn’t too difficult lol. I’ll check out you blog, thanks for stopping by mine 🙂


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