The App That Will Save You Time At U.S. Customs

I don’t know about ya’ll, but one of my biggest issues with traveling is TSA, and Customs. The process to deplane, go through customs and get the hell out of the airport usually takes forever when re-entering the U.S. Compared to a lot of the countries I’ve traveled to, our border is pretty intense!

So, at a time where you’ve travel for x amount of hours and all you want to do is get home and rest, how can you speed up the process of getting through customs quicker. Well, traditionally, the cool kids would go and apply for Global Entry. Global Entry is great once you get it, but the process is lengthy. You have to pay $100 for the application, which includes Pre-TSA check once you’re approved. You have to wait about 3-4 weeks before being conditionally approved, then depending on where you are, your interview may not be for a few months!

Here’s the trick. Wanna get through Customs quicker? “There’s an app for that,” and it’s called Mobile Passport. Literally, download this app, type in your passport info and take a selfie under passport photo guidelines (against a white wall, no glasses), then boom!

Sounds wayyy to simple right? Well I tested it out after returning from South America.  I already had my profile set up, so as soon as my plane landed I hopped on the app. You answer the same questions you do at the kiosk in the airport and then the app gives you a QR code. I got off the plane and headed to customs. The coolest thing about this experience was the fact that the mobile passport line was shorter than than global entry line! How bout dem apples. I will say that although I breezed through, I did get randomly selected to have my carry-on double checked, but that’s a story for another article.

Overall, I think it’s worth trying. If you arrive at US Customs and there’s no line either way then so be it, but on days where those lines could be an hour or more wait this is definitely a beneficial app to have handy!

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