How I Started Traveling

A question I tend to get often is, “Brittany you’re always gone, how did you start traveling so much??” Well, as I ponder back in time, it was in 2008 when my mom decided to plan a trip for her and I across the country. We started in Cali and went way out yonder to the south, east, Midwest, then back home.

Our major city stops were: Atlanta, Orlando, D.C., NYC, Pennsylvania, Chicago, then back on home. Now when I say cross-country, it was literally us driving to all these places and we were on the road for about 3 weeks! I was entering my senior year in high school at the time and this was longggggg before I took my first flight, so the experience was beautiful. Driving through all those states, seeing the different landscapes and natural beauties of what’s right here in my backyard of the USA. Prior to that trip, the furthest I had ever gone was to Little Rock, AR where my dad’s family is from.

I got to see MLK’s house in ATL, Disney World in Orlando, all that touristy stuff in NYC, and sentimentally for me I got to see the house my mom grew up in out in little Erie, PA! Not to mention the drive back through places in Idaho and Nebraska where we seemed to be the only black people within a 100-mile radius, or the beauty of the freakish looking Rocky Mountains in Colorado. It set a spark in me that, although was suppressed for about 3 additional years, never died.

When I was 20 I got on my first plane…ALONE, and boyyy was I freaking out! Up until then I have vowed to never get on one, because although planes are supposedly “safer” than cars, I knew in a car crash I had a chance to live (I still stand by that argument regardless of how many planes I’ve been on since then). The trip was from Atlanta to NYC to visit my college buddy Michael who lived in Harlem with his mom. I got to see the real NYC. Like NYC away from places with lots of tourists and fanny packs. I think that’s kind when I fell in love with Brooklyn. If I ever lived in NY, I’d live in Brooklyn…but like the real Brooklyn, not the terrible gentrified Brooklyn they’re trying to make.

Then after that trip I flew back to LA, still terrified, and the rest is history. Since the semester before grad school, I’ve always scheduled in a trip for myself somewhere new every break I had as a student. Summer break, winter break, spring break, every time I had a trip, and each time I planned ahead, saved money, budgeted and went. Now I’m just like most of the millennials. In debt from loans to pay tuition, but if I wait until my loans are payed off to travel I’d never see anything! My loans payed the ridiculous tuition costs at LMU, and my job payed my living expenses and funded the saving account.

Everyone’s situation is different, but even if you saved a dollar a day you could take a trip somewhere in a year. Keep reading and I’ll continue to share how you can start to make travel happen for yourself in the near future.

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